Q: I want a backyard tented wedding, it’s always been my dream. I have 120 guests can you please tell me how I should be spending my budget? I have $15,000.00 and really want to stay as close as possible.

A: $4,000.00:  Tent, tent lighting, chairs, tables, linens, dancefloor, bar, ice chest, ice & misc. rentals
$1,800.00:  Trailer restroom
$2,000.00:  Day of Wedding Planners
$4,000.00:  Appetizers and Dinner. Upscale BBQ @$26.00/per person (includes tax and gratuity)
$750.00:  Professional Bartending service. You’ll need the insurance too
$1,250.00:  Disk Jockey
$600.00:  Beer and Wine kegs. YES, they have kegs of wine, they’re glass!!!
$600.00:  Misc. items/D.I.Y décor. Borrow from your Planner – they have a stock room

P L A N N E R T I P :
Have a friend take pictures of your ceremony, family photos and décor. Give your wedding a #hashtag and ask all your guests to post to social media using it, you’ll be able to score some great photos.

Leslie Cregg-Hyder