Q: I have a few thousand extra in my budget and want to do something fun for my guests. Do you have any suggestions?
~ Fun couple ~

A: Hello Fun,

Well first off, I have to say nothing makes me more happier then a couple that was able to stay under budget, congratulations!!

When I start the planning process with couples I have them make a “Wants and Needs list”. Once they finish all of their NEEDS (food, entertainment, liquor, etc.) I let them pick a WANTS item. Here are a few of my favorites that I think you may love:

  • A cigar roller is always fun and YES, the ladies like it too! You could add in a bourbon pour or a martini luge for this.
  • A fireworks display is a great way to end your event with BANG. There are rules to this one, so if you’re not using a professional fireworks company, you’ll want to call the local police and fire departments to find out about noise and permit rules.
  • Performers during dinner service – lets get this party started!!
  • Food trucks for a little late-night bite to eat while guests are departing your wedding.
  • Nothing brings your back to childhood like an ice cream truck. If you happen to be having an outside tented event, I highly suggest it – always been a huge hit with guests.

Leslie Cregg-Hyder